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As we move through the Child Nutrition Reauthorization process, there are bills being introduced in Congress, on both the Senate and House side, to improve and invest in CACFP.  We need to tell our Congress Members to support them.  You can do this in this quick and easy way!


The Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act

How Do I Support the Bill?

Fill out the quick form below, personalize the email - if you'd like - and click send! This will send an email to your members of congress. Then share the link with your networks!


What Does the Bill do for CACFP?

This critical Act would support healthy nutrition for children in child care through strengthening the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) by:

  • improving the adequacy of benefits by allowing another meal or snack for children in a full day of care;

  • increasing reimbursement rates for providers and sponsors;

  • reaching more providers in rural and suburban areas by improving area eligibility;

  • streamlining monthly paperwork by moving to annual eligibility for for-profit child care centers and;

  • eliminating overly burdensome and outdated paperwork.

Take a look at this fact sheet to learn of all the bill proposes!


Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act

Representatives Bonamici (D-OR) and Herrera Beutler (R-WA) introduced the Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act, bipartisan legislation that strengthens CACFP and improves access by enhancing the program (FRAC).


What does the bill do for CACFP?

  • an additional reimbursable CACFP meal

  • improve cost of living adjustment for home based child care

  • allow annual eligibility for proprietary centers

  • reduce unnecessary and duplicative paperwork

The legislation was introduced with almost 800 supporting organizations which bolsters the importance and impact this type of legislation can have on the CACFP, child nutrition and development and childhood hunger.  In the coming weeks there will be more action to take so stay tuned!

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